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About my Felt Dolls
Just a summary of some favourites so far


Band A Examples:

Band A New.jpg
Band B
Band C New.jpg


Band D New.JPG



When I can manage my time with my full time teaching work, I open commissions for my felt animal characters. I currently have designed patterns for sloths, horses, cats, mice, ducks, birds, wolves, dogs, pigs, birds, hamsters, bears, squirrels, deer, tigers, octopuses and rhino and would love to design even more! When available, you can purchase your commission in my online store.

It generally takes between 1-5 weeks to make your character depending on how long my queue is, but I can let you know a more exact date if you send me a message, especially if you have a gift deadline to meet?


Bands are based on the complexity of each design, whether or not I have a pattern already made up, and the amount of needle felting or costuming involved. If you're not sure where your preferred character fits, please send me a message! I will default to the New Leaf outfit unless you let me know otherwise, so please give me lots of detail in the comment box. A summary of the main species banding is in the table below.
















Please note all designs are for adult collectors only as I may not use safety eyes and do not use safety joints. 

Each doll is about 6-8" tall, depending on if they're a 'short' or 'tall' character.

I regularly update my Instagram @jesuislugly with work-in-progress shots, so you can see your piece come to life!

The photos to the left are examples of each Band.



I’m happy to customise in other ways if you can provide clear images of what you want, eg another colour top or different eye shape etc. 

Because of the handmade nature of these creatures I would not recommend washing them as it may cause colours to bleed and felt to shrink.

I can order the colours of felt seen here or airbrush different colours or more complex designs.


How to Order

Please visit my shop here on my website. You can visit my Etsy Shop here but please note my prices are always cheapest here as I don't have to pay fees!


Band B Examples:

Band C Examples:

Band D Examples:

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